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#80 - Adult Gap Year

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Did you ever take a gap year? Emma did when she was 18 between high school and University - living in the UK and travelling through Europe and Asia.

But what about an Adult Gap year? This week we welcome Jenny Cook, author of Adult Gap Year to tell us all about this awesome life experience.

Jenny is a life enthusiast, world traveller and life long learner. She’s a creative who loves to travel and explore other cultures.

She says “living my best life and inspiring others is my mission.”

Make sure to get a copy of Jenny’s book at or on any reputable online store. It’s an Amazon best seller!

#79 - Tasmania: The Australia Series

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Our final stop on the state tour of Australia, the last but definitely not least - Tasmania.

Fun fact: you have to go OVERSEAS to visit this part of Australia, it's located on the bottom of Australia and this island state is a true gem!! A pearl in the ocean if you will.

Actually, something you can do here is sample some of the amazing seafood - oysters, salmon, prawns and so much more. Tassie is famous for its fresh produce and incredible food and wine season. Salamanca Markets in Hobart is a must to sample a whole range of delicacies.

We're joined on this episode by Emma's lovely friend and Tasmanian born and bred, Selina Bush. She shares with us so much of her gorgeous state. Emma had only been to Hobart and Launceston so now has a HUGE list of places to visit next time.

From Cradle Mountain to Bruny Island, wineries to epic trails, this state is breathtaking and although it may seem small - deserves a solid amount of time to explore!

Thank you for joining us on this fun 8 part series and please let us know if you enjoyed it! We'd love to do some more in the future. Thank you to all our Aussie guests for sharing their incredible states with us. I still call Australia home and after listening to this series, I'm sure you can see (well hear) why!

#78 - ACT: The Australia Series

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"We’re taking our tour of Australia to the capital - the Australian Capital Territory in fact. A lot of people know it as Canberra, however that’s the city! Fun fact- ACT is a territory all of its own. And it’s situated inside another state!

We welcome back Alison Hallworth to talk about her former home state. This one is jam packed full of tips for places to visit in the ACT. Some people think there isn’t much to do, especially after being dragged their on a school trip or family holiday as a kid. But there’s heaps to do and the state has come a long way in a short time with a vibrant cafe and restaurant scene.

We’re coming to the end of our first series, our tour of the Australian states - so make sure to listen in to the rest over on Lovelly Travels.

Also you may notice the photos for this episode are a tad random. Alison’s photo is from the Dinosaur museum. Emma’s photo is with co-host Darius and a bunch of friends during the year 9 Canberra school trip. We promise both photos were taken in the ACT - love a pic with a story!"

#77 - Northern Territory: The Australia Series

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We’re off to the Heart of Australia, the red centre and the top end of Oz - The Northern Territory.

We welcome Nannette Holliday - International Woman of Mystery for this episode! As a published author and freelance travel and lifestyle writer, Nannette has an incredible insight into her adopted home state of Northern Territory.

Emma shares her experience of visiting the absolute essential stops of Uluru, The Olgas, Kings Canyon and Alice Springs in the Red Centre, and the capital of the state, Darwin. While Nannette takes us to some of the untapped gold in this captivating part of Australia.

If you really want to learn about Indigenous Australia and the traditional land owners who carry the stories, the NT is a must. There’s so much story in the land itself and it mustn’t be missed.

You never never know, if you never never go! So come travel vicariously with us and then go plan your next NT trip! I’m excited to have mine booked to the Larapinta in May 2021.

#76 - Queensland: The Australia Series

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The Sunshine state! We've reached Emma's current homeland, the perpetual holiday destination that is Queensland. Resort style living, epic beaches, amazing rainforests, world wonder of the Great Barrier Reef - this state has a lot going on.

We're joined on this episode by Natascha Mirosch, Freelance Food & Travel Journalist & Podcaster at ExtraVirgin Food & Travel Podcast. Although Emma lives in QLD, she actually hasn't seen that much of it!

Natascha takes us on a breathtaking tour to the far corners of this state and some incredible destinations that aren't on the well trodden tourist map path! Longreach - where QANTAS was born, Stanthorpe on the Granite Belt for wine, Charlieville for some history & Cape Tribulation for where the sharks and crocodiles meet!

There is TOO much to see in this massive state but we will try our best to cover a whole bunch and have you planning your next holiday here - come visit me!

#75 - South Australia: The Australia Series

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We're heading South now on our vicarious tour of Australia to the very aptly named, South Australia! It is in fact the state in the middle of Australia at the Southern end. World famous for its spectacular wines, this state has so much more to offer than just its delicious range of grape juice.

Joined by former local Naomi Robinson, Emma revisits some of her 6 (or more) trips to this lovely region. From Adelaide, the city of churches which also has a rocking festival scene, to the coast for some shark diving and farmland to see some friends, we explore as much as we can in this episode.

Highlights include the wine, the wine and the wine! Jokes, we also talk about the incredible food scene, some epics walks such as the Heysen Trail and of course, the much loved footy!

Travel vicariously with us as we continue our Australia series! Join in the conversation on Facebook in the Lovelly Travels Community too! Links in the show notes.

#74 - Victoria: The Australia Series

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Our Australia tour this week takes us to Victoria! One of the richest of all the states, after the Gold Rush in the 1800s, this fine state has a lot of incredible history and culture to soak up.

Emma lived in Melbourne for 3 years and then frequently returned for work and leisure. Darius even went to visit her one time and together they revisit that trip and share their travels from the state of Victoria. We are also joined by regular Lovelly Travels guest, Danielle Phyland, who is a proud Victorian through and through. She's also a brilliant travel blogger and has written lots about her fine state of Vic, so get set for all the top tips.

From the winding laneways of Melbourne to the epic mountains of the Aussie Alpine, from the famous Great Ocean Road to the charming English like location of Daylesford, Victoria has it all. Travel vicariously along with us.

Remember the conversation always continues in the Lovelly Travels Community on Facebook too! Share your Victorian experiences there.

#73 - New South Wales: The Australia Series

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How to cover our home state in just one episode!! Well, we can't! And we will be back to deep dives into the regions. But continuing for now on our virtual tour of Australia, this week we are in Darius and Emma's childhood home state of NSW.

Emma was born in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney, and Darius moved to the Sutherland Shire as a young child from Germany. They met in High School in the Sutherland Shire, at Caringbah High, and have many great memories of Sydney.

As we got older, and could explore more on our own, we've had the pleasure of exploring a lot of the famous East Coast of Australia. Many tourists come from around the world and roadtrip North from Sydney. And for good reason! It's stunning!

From the wine country of Orange in the West, to the stunning surf spots near Nowra in the South, Cosmopolitan life in Sydney's east and epicly stunning hinterland in the Northern rivers region - we try to cover as much of this glorious state as possible.

Make sure to jump in the Lovelly Travels Community and join in the conversation - sharing your favourite travel spots in NSW.

#72 - Western Australia: The Australia Series

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The first stop on our Australia series tour is the largest state of them all, Western Australia! Taking up more than a third of this enormous continent, WA has a lot of space and it needs a lot of time to explore.

Luckily we have Perth local Amanda Kendle to help us tackle this mammoth location! Emma has also been to the lovely state of WA three times, so the two had wonderful chats about exploring the gorgeous and less frequented spots around the state.

From tree top walks, to sunsets over the beach. From the most Westerly and Southern point, to the tippy top! We cover as much as we can.

We'd love to hear your stories too! Make sure to join the conversation in the Lovelly Travels Community on Facebook.

#71 - The Australia Series

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I come from a land Down Under!! And we're going to deep dive in and explore it.

Considering the fact that I won't be leaving my island home for some time, and these past 2 years have given me more time to explore this great land, I thought we could all go on the journey to visit all the states and territories together.

This is our first series and we are so excited to kick off with Australia!! There are 8 states and territories so over the next two months, we'll visit them all.

We're still looking for guests and stories, so make sure to email us if you'd like to share something or even join us on the podcast - As always there'll be lots of chat in the group around this topic so please head on over and join us on Facebook in the Lovelly Travels Community.

I'm so excited to travel vicariously around my home country with all of you!

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