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#68 - Peru 🇵🇪

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Brilliant notes from our lovely guest Danielle Phyland:

12 days with Intrepid Tour (we didn't to the trek)

Inca Trail & Amazon Adventure | Intrepid Travel AU Travel from the heights of the Andes to the exotic Amazon rainforest on this best of Peru adventure tour. Trek the Inca Trail and visit Cusco and Lima.

Amazon rainforest

Puerto Maldonaldo

Stay in a resort amazing

Monkeys, butterflies, capybaras, bugs

RAIN!! Humid, hammocks



Lima-based restaurant Astrid & Gastón, has repeatedly appeared on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants

Gaston Acurio chef

It was in July 1994 that Astrid&Gastón opened its doors to the public in its old location on Calle Cantuarias, Miraflores.








Green soup - Aguadito de Pollo – Chicken and Cilantro Soup


Markets - fresh pineapple juice,

Cheese, corn, potatoes

Try guinea pig, alpaca, enchiladas on on the street, empanadas

Corn -elote

Anticuchos - Cows Heart on a stick





Alpaco/llama wool items ponchos







Churches and basilicas


12 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

31.5 million inhabitants

Spanish is the official language of Peru; however, 47 indigenous languages are also spoken in the country, including Quechua and Aymara.

world’s biggest reserves of silver

export-based agribusiness sector, which includes major products such as asparagus, blueberries, table grapes, avocados, organic bananas and paprika

About Danielle: I’m Danielle AKA Poss and my trusty 4 wheel steed is Ruby, together we love to explore and discover both locally and abroad. I was bitten by the travelbug many years ago on a family adventure to Singapore and I have been an avid traveller ever since that trip. I love to venture to all corners of the globe with over 56 countries under my belt (some multiple times). I enjoy seeking out the hidden gems, unique and truly local experiences. I have a passion for good food and wine from fine dining to local cuisine and street food and I love learning about food culture and traditions. There is nothing that brings me more joy than a good travel story and I have plenty to share.

Connect with Danielle here:

Twitter: @possandruby

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Get some packing travel tips from Danielle here:

Listen to Danielle on episode 7, the life of a travel blogger:

And episode 39, Packing tips:

You can also here Emma and Jess talk about Peru on the Bolivia episode:

The river that Emma couldn't remember was the Urabamba river where she went white water rafting outside Cusco. Highly recommend:,trip%20on%20the%20Apurimac%20River.

The city near Lake Titicaca on the way to Bolivia was Puno! And then we did a trip to visit the Uros and Taquile Islands, floating islands, highly recommend:

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