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Lovelly Travels

#9 - Elena Gabrielle and Story Party Tour of the World

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Check out for more details about the epic Story Party Tour.

Purchase and watch their entire Story Party Tour Comedy Special on Youtube here.

Instagram: @StoryPartyTour

Connect with Elena!

Instagram: @elenagabrielle

Twitter: @elle_gabrielle

Facebook Page: Elena Gabrielle


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About this podcast

With a mission to visit every UN recognised country in the world, Emma 'Lovelly' Lovell invites you to join her on the journey. Talking about all things travel and adventure, Lovelly Travels will include interviews with fellow travellers and interesting locals, feature travel businesses and many a tale from the road. Joined by her co-pilot, Darius, Emma will document the mission to visit 195 countries while also raising awareness for mental health. Whether you're a voyager or a voyeur, you're invited to join them as they journey through past adventures and create new travel memories.

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by Emma Lovell, Darius Schnaare


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