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#74 - Victoria: The Australia Series

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Famous places The Great Ocean Road Melbourne Yarra Valley Gippsland - beaches Grampians Goldfields - Bendigo and Ballarat High Country

Suggested Itinerary A few days in Melbourne Great ocean Road stopping along the way in seaside towns Port Fairy head inland to the Grampians have a few days here for hiking Return to Melbourne via Ballarat for the history and a visit to Sovereign Hill

Fave places Port Fairy Melbourne not just the CBD but also suburbs Ballarat Sovereign Hill Torquay and the surcoast for the beaches National and state parks - Tara Bulga in Gippsland, Cathedral Ranges, Grampians, Otways

Pre covid it was the place to be for events - sporting capital of Australia, Melbourne Cup, Fashion Week, Film Festivals, Melbourne food and Wine festival etc. Hope this returns.

Best time of year to visit Spring and Autumn - really all year round

Top travel tip Pack for all seasons Raincoats, umbrella, sunhat, scarf, beanie, jacket and socks!

FACTS Australia’s second smallest state Melbourne has the highest number of cafes and restaurants per number of people than any other city in the world. Imports 30 tonnes of coffee annually Helmeted honey eater is that state bird emblem and the Leadbeaters possum is the animal emblem the floral emblem is the Common Heath Worlds longest network of trams In 1977 was the first state in the western world to make seatbelts compulsory The worlds first feature film was recorded in Victoria - The Story of the Kelly Gang - a notorious bush ranger. The Hemsworth brothers were born in Victoria

Established most regional town in the gold rush era of the 1850s - regional cities like Bendigo and Ballarat establish and flourished and still do so today

About our Guest, Danielle Phyland: I’m Danielle AKA Poss and my trusty 4 wheel steed is Ruby, together we love to explore and discover both locally and abroad. I was bitten by the travelbug many years ago on a family adventure to Singapore and I have been an avid traveller ever since that trip. I love to venture to all corners of the globe with over 56 countries under my belt (some multiple times). I enjoy seeking out the hidden gems, unique and truly local experiences. I have a passion for good food and wine from fine dining to local cuisine and street food and I love learning about food culture and traditions. There is nothing that brings me more joy than a good travel story and I have plenty to share.

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